BackerClub: Join the Club and Start Finding Backers Today!

BackerClub: Join the Club and Start Finding Backers Today!

BackerClub has taken a unique approach to solving the main dilemma that faces most crowdfunding project creators – how do you find and connect with new backers? Beginning in November of 2014, Backer Club launched with its revolutionary serial backer model which brings serious projects to serious backers. Since 2014, BackerClub has grown to almost 10,000 members, where the average member has backed 96 crowdfunding projects. As the crowdfunding space has rapidly expanded over the past 2 years, so has the BackerClub community – which has raised $239,725,212 across 3,368 projects.

What’s Needed To List My Campaign on BackerClub?

BackerClub accomplishes these impressive statistics through a selective in which projects they approve approximately 3 out of every 10 campaigns that apply for entrance into the Club. The model is simple: a flat, one-time listing fee that gets your campaign placed on the projects page within the BackerClub website as well as a direct email blast to the BackerClub’s members.

In exchange for the opportunity to put a project in front of the BackerClub community, project creators often offer some sort of special incentive to the would-be backers. This can range from a price discount, a giveaway item, special product customization or color options, or even unique rewards not available to anyone else. This helps to draw in backers who like your project but are on the fence.

Here is some feedback directly from project creators who have used BackerClub to boost funding with their campaigns:



GeeFi | Unlimited 4G Wi-Fi Everywhere You Travel
Funding Progress: $156,045 | 780% Funded | 983 Backers

“BackerClub is a no brainer. On the GeeFi campaign, we wanted to use BackerClub to boost our initial 24-48 hours to help us fund within that amount of time and propel us higher up in the page rankings. We made sure and signed up with them before we launched the campaign to ensure their midnight email blast was sent out within the first 24 hours.

GeeFi easily hit its goal within 24 hours and a significant chunk came from the BackerClub community. Currently, GeeFi is overfunded by 780%, has raised $156,045, and has 10 days to go! At least 10K of that is from a $379 spend on BackerClub . . . NO BRAINER.”

– Alex Scoffield – Founder of Hansey Co

Night Caddy


Night Caddy | The New-Age Night Stand
Funding Progress: $23,502 | 335% Funded | 491 Backers

“The Night Caddy is a lower price point product on Kickstarter so we knew we would need to have a lot of backers. Our friends and family gave us a big push the first two days on our campaign but we needed to keep the momentum going. That is when we went to the BackerClub. We heard great things and decided to take the plunge. BackerClub got us over the hump of our goal and gave us the traction we needed to really have a successful campaign! The BackerClub members have helped us reach our funding goal but have also offered insight into some of the challenges we would face early on. BackerClub has been a big key to our momentum and success.”

– Joseph Cammack – CEO/Co-Founder of ArmsReach Industries



DaySling : Easy Access, Ultra Quiet, and Expandable Day Pack
Funding Progress: $94,743 | 118% Funded | 534 Backers

“BackerClub generated almost $5k in pledges for our Kickstarter project. We also used a couple of other companies who said they’d generate pledges for us, but we didn’t see any results from them. BackerClub actually generated pledges. We could see & track the pledges coming in on our Kickstarter dashboard. We’re very happy with the results!  BackerClub is definitely the best advanced backers interacting platform in the world. You can always get the best feedback and support from them.”

– Kuni Chen – Director & Co-Founder of Tronnovate Design Laboratory

BackerClub is a thriving community of backers that is sure to add contributions to your campaign! But don’t take my word, read the testimonies of these campaign creators who have seen the results first-hand in bringing their crowdfunding campaigns across the finish line.

Written By Jordan @CrowdfundingHeadlines

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