Mindstream Studio Launches New Online Show – Crowdfunding Voice

Mindstream Studio Launches New Online Show – Crowdfunding Voice

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How To Create A Successful Crowdfunding Campaign

by Crowdfunding Voice

Mindstream Studio is a digital production house in Orange County, California where a team of ambitious creators are making short form content for the mobile, social, on-demand lifestyle designed for the adventurous only. They have recently launched a new multi-channel, multi-network platform for featuring digital media and short form video creators. One of these channels is through the widely popular YouTube platform, where they have have taken their former Crowdfunding Voice radio show to YouTube.

Mark Thimmig, executive producer, commented “Crowdfunding is growing rapidly on a world-wide basis as a Highly effective means of launching new brands and raising millions of dollars to support innovative products.” Subscribe to the show and get valuable tips and advice on creating a successful crowdfunding campaign.

Check out the Latest Video on YouTube (Click Here)

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