• German Equity Based Crowdfunding Platform
  • Open to ‘Pan European’ projects
  • Targets Start-ups and SMEs
  • Minimum investment €5, from any country

Companisto, founded in 2012, is a pan-European equity based crowdfunding platform and is one of the leading crowdfunding platforms in Europe. The founders, who are both lawyers, used their knowledge of corporate law to create and implement the most stringent crowd-investing vetting processes, from which only the most promising companies emerge. There is a minimum investment of €5 and the max is €100,000, with no limit on how much a start-up can raise…

Companisto is an investment platform that enables the crowd to invest in growth companies and start-ups online. With Companisto, everyone can invest in start-ups without having to make a minimum investment, although it is possible to participate in an equity-based crowdfunding round and invest in a start-up starting with as little as €5. Consequently, the investor does not need much capital to invest successfully. An investor can also create their own investment portfolio over time, and can invest profits from successful investments in new start-ups. Start-ups funded via Companisto receive not only capital, but also publicity, marketing, and a large number of active supporters.

Companisto targets mostly start-ups but are also available for companies who are already established and hope to develop their business.

Investors can invest from all over the world. They offer several methods of payment that are available internationally, e.g. credit card payment, instant money transfer, and bank transfer (advance payment). Companisto refer to the users of the website as ‘Companists’.

It’s free to sign up on Companisto and to use the platform. Companists do not pay any fees for their investment either. Therefore, the entire payment of a Companist is used for the investment without any deductions. Companisto benefits if funders earn profits from their investment i.e. a strictly success-based commission which amounts to 10% on the profits from the investment.

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