• Finland based Equity Crowdfunding platform
  • Open to Entrepreneurs, Start-ups and SMEs
  • Pan European and American projects
  • Finalnd, UK, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Iceland

Invesdor is a pioneering equity based crowdfunding platform founded in 2011 in Helsinki, Finland. It is the first European crowdfunding platform with a pass portable MiFID (Markets in Financial Instruments Directive) licence for investment advice, reception and transmission of orders, and placing of financial instruments. They provide an online investment matching service where entrepreneurs looking to raise equity financing can easily connect with investors who are seeking to discover and invest in exciting growth companies…

Invesdor became involved in the establishment of The Nordic Crowdfunding Alliance in March 2014. It is a partnership of key players in the Nordic crowdfunding scene committed to developing an ever more crowdfunding friendly Nordic region while empowering and facilitating entrepreneurial growth. Currently target companies can be registered in Finland, UK, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Iceland. Invesdor say another success of 2015 came in November when they announced their partnership with Their bridge building between the Nordic region and Silicon Valley brings investors and capital closer together, and provides access to high growth companies in both Europe and America.

How Invesdor works is very simple, you decide the valuation of your company and your funding target. counts the price for one share and the amount of shares you’re willing to sell. Invesdor will also read your pitch and provide feedback and guidance. Only a fraction of the projects are deemed successful enough to go live on the platform. On the other hand, about one out of three public pitches are successful.

The first financing round is not visible to the crowd right away… Invesdor have a network of VIP investors who will get notification of the opportunity, and the seller can share the link with friends, fans and family. This approach ensures that when a campaign goes public, there will already be some investments which look much better to future investors.

Fees for target companies depend on the type of funding round. Their fees include several services that will help you have a successful crowdfunding campaign.

Invesdor does not charge management fees from investors. The only fees collected from investors are transfer fees tied to the choice of payment method, which are used to cover transfer costs.  These fees are charged on top of the investment. This could turn some investors away from using the platform as it’s another fee on top of what they have already paid.

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