• Hybrid platform aka ‘The Funding Network’
  • Offers Equity, Loan, Invoice Trading, Venture Capital etc.
  • Bundles investors into a cooperative legal entity
  • Available in the Netherlands, Italy and expanding to EU
  • Focus on Small and Medium Enterprises

Symbid (also known as The Funding Network) is an online funding platform providing access to traditional and alternative finance for small and medium-sized enterprises. Symbid was founded in April 2011 as one of the first equity investment crowdfunding platforms worldwide and currently operates in the Netherlands and Italy. In March 2015, Symbid launched its solution to the SME funding problem: The Funding Network™. The Funding Network™ gives entrepreneurs direct access to all forms of finance…

The Funding Network by Symbid is the go-to platform for start-up and SME financing, giving entrepreneurs access to various forms of funding while enabling anyone to become an investor. Simbid platform offers 8 different types of funding: equity crowdfunding, loan crowdfunding, loan bank, leasing, Invoice Trading, venture capital, angel investor and funds & family offices.

Equity Crowdfunding by Symbid is suitable when seeking funding from €20,000 to approximately €2.5 million. The investment opportunity is featured online, and the crowd are invited to invest (from €20). An entrepreneur can involve their investors whenever they feel like it, using them as a kind of “think-tank”.

A new investment cooperative (a Dutch legal entity) is created for every fully funded investment opportunity. This way, the crowd becomes one legal shareholder in the business. This happens once the funding target has been reached. Through these investment cooperatives, investors become indirect shareholders in a business. The number of membership certificates received by an investor in an investment cooperative is proportionate to the size of their investment.

The function of the investment cooperation is not only financial but, for the entrepreneur, the cooperative is also an opportunity to reach out to their investors. The entrepreneur can, through the cooperative, seek advice or knowledge from their investors. The memberships (and investments) are, to a limited extent, transferable.

With equity crowdfunding, fees are applied to successful campaigns. Symbid charges an upfront success fee of 5% of the funding target to successfully funded campaigns. Legal fees, €650 (excl. VAT) for the creation of an investment cooperative and notary charges €500 (excl. VAT) for a successful equity offering also apply. Administrative fees for administrating the investment cooperative average €500 per year.

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