• The World’s oldest and Europe’s largest Loan based crowdfunding service
  • Borrowing maximum £25,000 over 5 years
  • Primarily focussed on consumer lending, (business loans also possible)
  • Operates in UK, USA and Italy
  • Rates typically around 10%

Zopa is the longest running loan site, established in 2005 and redesigned in 2013 to reflect the market need of ‘simple to use’ fixed-rate savings plans. The rate offered to savers already incorporate their fees and a contribution to their Safeguard fund which is designed to cover any potential bad debt provision. This lowers the rate of return slightly, compared to other sites. The most you can borrow is £25,000 for a period of up to 5 years… at rates typically of about 10% including fees

Zopa prides itself on its reputation and this has been recognised with a number of awards. It operates within the consumer loan market offering money for debt management and consolidation, home improvements and capital purchases such as a car, but for anyone looking to create a small business this could be an effective route to generate sufficient capital to start trading.

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