Sleepion Uses Sound, Light, and Aroma to Create Soothing Rhythm for Your Brain

Sleepion Uses Sound, Light, and Aroma to Create Soothing Rhythm for Your Brain

It is becoming increasingly difficult to make enough time for a good night’s sleep, let alone getting deep sleep. Sleepion 2 is a Kickstarter campaign that aims to fix this, using 18 different relaxing built-in audio tracks, gentle aromatherapy with 5 different scents available, and a soft nightlight.

Sleepion 2 was a collective project of 5 leading experts in the fields of Academic Authority of Sleep, Sleep Music, acoustic engineering, industrial design, and natural aroma development. These experts were brought together under the brand Cheero™ as Japan’s leading developer of portable batteries to create the Sleepion 2 device.

The Problem

Research has proven that lack of sleep is a major cause of both mental and physical distress. Our project aims to develop a tool that helps restore the natural rhythms of our body and mind that allow us to sleep 100% throughout the night and feel well rested the next day.

Sleep deprivation and sleep deterioration have a multitude of negative impacts on many people’s mind and body, affecting their relationships, health, and happiness. Cheero USA decided to design a compact version of their original Sleepion. With this in mind, in 2016, we launched this new project for Sleepion 2.

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Top 3 Features

Sleepion 2 has been developed to bring back the human’s innate sleeping ability. Rediscover the natural rhythms of your body and mind, using the following Sleepion 2 special features:

  1. Small, compact, portable design. Sleepion 2 is about the size of your palm and can be used wherever and whenever.
  2. Easy-to-use aroma rings. No mess! The Aroma is diffused by the vibration of the speaker. Since each ring is diffused at room temperature, there is no change to the natural ingredients.
  3. Can use with earphones to avoid bothering others while in confined spaces.
  4. Bluetooth makes it possible to play music wirelessly.

It’s Not Just for Sleep!

Press & Media Contact

Use this link if you’d like to contact Cheero USA Inc about Sleepion 2: Here you will find a specific contact form for Press & PR inquiries, Business and Partnership inquiries, technical inquiries, events or general questions.

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