Vince Durden the World’s Most Eco-Friendly Backpack – Made From Cork – Launches Kickstarter

Vince Durden the World’s Most Eco-Friendly Backpack – Made From Cork – Launches Kickstarter

We live in an era of toxic chemicals, non-recyclable wastes, and unethical manufacturers. What can we do to combat this? Vince Durden, a Los-Angeles based accessories brand, announced today that it will be raising funds via a rewards/equity crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to continue developing the world’s most eco-friendly backpack on the market. The company set out to raise $2000 within 30 days to finish development and produce the first batch of their new product design.


L.A. based accessories brand Vince Durden launches stylish, non-polluting cork skin backpacks. Harvesting the cork used to create this backpack does not harm the trees and is sustainably gathered and processed using environmentally friendly methods. Great care is taken to ensure the entire process puts the environment first, and at the end you have an excellent quality backpack. Vince Durden has chosen to kickstart a backpack made of cork because it combines their love for aesthetic design and their love for nature.

Vince Durden Eco-Friendly Cork

Established in 2015 by USC business students Hexi Xiao and Hubert Mou, Vince Durden is a fashion accessory brand that designs and develops backpacks made from 100% sustainably-sourced and recyclable cork skin. The backpack aesthetic is contemporary yet chic with a minimalist design and natural color, available in brown and mocha.

Vince Durden was founded on a love for fashion and respect for our environment. Hexi and Hurbert first learned of the sustainable benefits of cork skin when they accidentally saw a video about cork on a TED Talk. The cork skin is shaved from the outer layer of the cork oak tree, which regenerates itself every nine years. Shaving the bark doesn’t harm the tree, but rather help it grow stronger to live up to 300 years. The entire production process is free of pollution.

“Nowadays, people get caught up in the pressures and demands of the daily grind. We want our products to inspire people to appreciate the natural beauty that surrounds us and how we can incorporate that natural beauty into everyday, sustainable designs,” said Hexi.

“I want Vince Durden to represent those who wakes up with a big smile, who have their own story to tell and who live every moment on this earth to its fullest.”

This Kickstarter campaign is a crowdfunding campaign that goes live on Oct 12th and ends on Nov. 11th, for a duration of 30 days. Through the support of the crowd, Vince Durden hopes to make the dream, which combining fashion and environment, come true. These bags start at $85 for the early bird campaign contributors, so get in early for the best discount!






Vince Durden LIVE Kickstarter Campaign

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Vince Durden exists for one sole purpose: to be a symbol for a lifestyle that combines a love for fashion and appreciation for nature.


Hexi Xiao
Phone: 617-953- 1599

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