WattAmp Unveils OneCase – World’s First iPhone Case with THX Amplifier

WattAmp Unveils OneCase – World’s First iPhone Case with THX Amplifier

It’s now 2017 and looking back at iPhone case technology, we can all agree it has come a long way. The latest breakthrough, now released by tech company Watt Amp in partnership with THX®, is the high-quality AAA amplifier built right into your iPhone case!

Designed for day-to-day life, user experience, design and functionality, the OneCase brings back the 3.5mm audio jack to iPhone 7 with premium audio quality. Some of the other exciting features of OneCase include: a memory extension feature, extended battery power, detachable photography lens to upgrade your phone’s camera, a kickstand so you can watch videos more comfortably, and a hidden compartment for secure SIM and SD storage. All of these features make OneCase the most functional and high-tech iPhone case on the market today.


THX AAA™ Amplifier Technology

As a proud official partner of THX®, OneCase was created with top-of-the-line THX AAA™ Amplifier Technology, which gives you maximum sound and performance with the latest THX AAA-28 Amplifier. Designed by THX®, a leader in the audio industry, this amplifier represents the pinnacle of amplification technology available today, revealing every detail of even the most dynamic high-resolution sound content. For those of you who are into sound technology, OneCase audio quality can decode up to 32bit 384kH.


Bringing Back the Classic Audio Jack

This is one of the coolest features of the OneCase. Designed in respose to users requesting a 3.5mm audio jack in the latest iPhones, the OneCase restores this key functionality for anyone who wants to pair their cell with premium ear buds or headphones. But this is no simple jack – the OneCase has a clever automatic mic switch detection, which surpasses most USB-based DAC and audio amplifiers and makes it easy to switch between calls, music, and videos. It also comes with an iOS application that provides a handy audio equalizer function for you to adjust your audio preferences.

More Power

OneCase is equipped with an internal battery to provide a noticeable extra kick of power! An internal battery provides an additional 1200 mAh for the 4.7 inch iPhone 6 and 1,500 mAh for the 5.5 inch iPhone. This translates into hours of extra music and video playtime – perfect for traveling, that gym fanatic you know that forgets to charge their phone, and for music lovers everywhere.

onecase micro usb

More Memory

There’s an extra micro SD card slot built into OneCase, supporting up to 256GB of memory. You can swap in and out as many SD cards as you want to infinitely extend your iPhone’s storage capacity on the fly. This is incredibly useful if your iPhone memory is constantly maxed out, or if you take lots of videos and photographs with your iPhone. You can use this feature to backup your music, video, and photos with the OneCase iOS application. Just a few clicks and all your files are downloaded onto the removable SD card, so you never have to worry about a maxing-out your iPhone’s memory again!

onecase iphone case features

Additional OneCase Features

And for those looking for an Instagram or photography-ready case, the OneCase sports a snap-on wide angle lens. This wide-angle lens is made with high quality optical glass and is perfect for those moments demanding a close-up shot or wide group photo. Snap on the wide angle in an instant, then quickly pop it off when you are finished.

“The OneCase is the next generation of smart case for iPhone. It takes performance to the next level with functionality, premium aesthetics and ultimate performance.”

— Edward Ku, WattAmp


About WattAmp

WattAmp, a brand of Kuba Labs Ltd., builds quality electronic devices that prioritize the user experience. They couple exciting, ergonomic designs with superb user-requested functionalities. Based in Hong Kong, Kuba Labs is also an official Apple MFI licensed developer. Learn more about the OneCase Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign here: https://igg.me/at/WattAmp-OneCase/


WattAmp with THX® at CES 2017 in Las Vegas

Watt Amp will be debuting the OneCase from January 5 through January 8, 2017 at the THX suite at Renaissance Suite #630 in Las Vegas. If you are attending CES and would like a demo, or you would like to schedule a meeting – please contact Edward Ku using the contact information below.

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Edward Ku
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