Mindstream Studios Launches New YouTube Channel – Crowd Gadget Show

Mindstream Studios Launches New YouTube Channel – Crowd Gadget Show

Mindstream Studios Launches New YouTube Channel – Crowd Gadget Show

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How To Create A Successful Crowdfunding Campaign

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Mindstream Studio is a digital production house in Orange County, California where a team of ambitious creators are making short form content for the mobile, social, on-demand lifestyle designed for the adventurous only. They have recently launched a new multi-channel, multi-network platform for featuring digital media and short form video creators. One of these channels is through the widely popular YouTube platform, where they have recently started a weekly tech review called The Crowd Gadget Show.

At the Crowd Gadget Show, the main topic of interest is gadgets that are trending, exceptional, and revolutionary in the crowdfunding space. Each Thursday, new three- to six- minute entertaining and informative videos are released featuring a new crowdfunding campaign so that we can all learn something from their successes (and failures).

This week at the Crowd Gadget Show, we are kicking off with on of the most exciting crowdfunding success stories of the year. The fidget cube has reached over 121,000 backers, raising over 5 million dollars with 25 days still to go. Mark and Lee discuss what exactly this campaign did to crush their $15,000 goal and join the top 10 most successful campaigns of all-time.

At just $19 to $25, the fidget cube is the perfect example of a very widely appreciated piece of tech. Lots of tech campaigns are great, but beyond the budget that most backers can stomach when they take into account that the item will be delivered three months to a year after they have paid for it.

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The Crowd Gadget Show reviews the top trending tech related crowdfunding campaigns every week. This week featured the Fidget Cube, an extremely successful Kickstarter campaign is live right now with over 5 Million dollars raised to date! Don’t forget to subscribe to see more awesome tech reviews every Thursday!

By: Jordan @Crowdfunding Headlines

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