• KissKissBankBank is a French based reward based crowdfunding platform
  • Available in several languages (French, Dutch, English, Spanish, German, Italian)
  • Accepts projects from all over the world
  • Operates ‘All-Or-Nothing’ funding type
  • Mainly utilised by ‘Creative’ projects

KissKissBankBank is a French reward based crowdfunding platform. At the moment the KissKissBankBank is available in several languages: French, Dutch, English, German, Italian and Spanish. Projects on the platform can be submitted by creators from all over the world…

KissKissBankBank is dedicated to innovative and creative international projects from different areas such as Sports and  Expeditions, Arts, Print, Design and innovation, Green projects, Education, Fashion, Film and video, Food, Games, Media, Live performance, Music, Photography, Solidarity, Web and tech.

Basic definitions and principles of KissKissBankBank are as follows:

  • Project Holder/Project Creator – anyone (individual, association, enterprise) who submits and promotes the Project
  • Project – an initiative with ‘for or nonprofit’ aim presented by Project Holder on crowdfunding platform
  • Kissbanker – an individual who wishes to support one or more projects by Contribution
  • Donation Objective – a goal of the Project (total Contribution needed to complete the Project)
  • Donation Period – time needed to reach the Donation Objective (a campaign can last 60 days at most)
  • Member – Project Holders and Kissbankers who are registered at the platform
  • Rewards – benefits or any gifts offered by Project Holder to Kissbankers (autographed DVD or signed CD, invitation to projection of movie, free entry to exhibition, etc.)
  • ‘All or nothing’ funding type is applied by KissKissBankBank – Project Holder receives the raised funds once 100% of the campaign goal is reached or outreached
  • Intellectual property – the creator keeps 100% of the intellectual property of their work

In order to submit the project on the platform, the Project Holder must be at least 18 years old. If the Project Holder is underage, a parent’s or legal guardian’s details must be used on the platform.

Only those projects which meet KissKissBankBank projects guidelines  and whichare validated can be published on the platform. Only projects which belong to one of the creative categories of KissKissBankBank are accepted. Any personal projects can’t be accepted. The value of the contribution by KissBankers can be between €1 and €9,999.

KissKissBankBank defines and outlines any rewards which are prohibited as the following: lottery, alcohol, drugs, tobacco, perks aiming to provide potential benefits, or anything that is prohibited by the law.

KissKissBankBank charge a commission of 5% from collected funds in the case of successful projects. Also the additional payment processing fee (3% – 3.5%) is applied by the payment processor. The total commission is then approximately 8%.

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