• USA based Reward Based crowdfunding
  • Raise money anywhere in the world
  • Arts, Sciences, Business and Social projects
  • Keep funds even if goal not met

Rockethub is a New York based reward crowdfunding platform launched in 2010. Rockethub has distinguished itself from other crowdfunding platforms by securing the support of the US Government and top industry leaders.  Through its partnership with the US Department of State, Rockethub operates in 190 different countries globally. In April 2015 Rockethub was acquired by EFactor Group Corp.  EFactor owns and operates a number of companies focused on entrepreneurship…

RocketHub advertises itself as the “world’s crowdfunding machine” due to its fast growing worldwide crowdfunding community.  Broadly, RocketHub shares similarities with other crowdfunding platforms however if the selected funding target is not reached by the deadline, the project leader is still able to keep the collected funds.

Rockethub’s crowdfunding platform is defined by its unique selling points which include:

  1. The possibility of raising money from anywhere in the world
  2. Diverse crowdfunding target groups, including arts, sciences, businesses and social causes
  3. No upfront costs to launch a project
  4. Unlike other crowdfunding platforms the success or failure of a project is not defined by reaching the funding goal. Users can keep the funds raised for a project, even if the funding target is not reached.

Rockethub users can create a project on the crowdfunding platform showcasing products or services through videos, images, audio and written descriptions.  Projects are defined by a campaign deadline and target funding-goal.  The Project Leaders pitch their proposal to potential givers, who would typically fund a project in exchange for a reward token product or service.

Rockethub recommends that project leaders segment their fan base into three tiers.  The first tier would typically be family and friends to whom one can reach out personally in order to solicit initial engagement in the cause and build trust in the cause.  The second tier would be second degree acquaintances or the extended network of immediate family and friends.  The third tier is made up of third degree connections and the rest of the world.  By using a methodical approach in order to create momentum and solicit interest in the project, Rockethub claims that users can fund projects within a timeframe from 30 to 75 days, depending on the project specifics and the target funding goal.

Following project completion, users are advised to maintain an open communication channel with their supporters and to fulfil their promised outcomes to maintain the trust relationship and facilitate potential future projects.

Launching a project does not cost anything as Rockethub charge a 4% commission fee on funds raised and a 4% credit card handling fee once a project is concluded. Projects which do not reach their goal are charged an 8% commission fee and a 4% credit card handling fee.

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