Tips & Tricks To Strategically Boost Your Crowdfunding Campaign Visibility

Tips & Tricks To Strategically Boost Your Crowdfunding Campaign Visibility

Every day, Kickstarter and IndieGoGo campaigns fail to reach their goals. Sometimes, the fault lies with the product itself. Sometimes the issue is with the marketing strategy, or lack thereof! Simply creating a listing on Kickstarter won’t bring enough you pledges. Product messaging and branding are key to your campaign’s success, and there are certain tips and tricks to strategically boost the visibility of your crowdfunding campaign using social media, email marketing, as well as other avenues.

Case Study: Umbrella Watch Group

When he started his first Kickstarter campaign, Chadi had no email lists and basically no social media following. With just about 100 Facebook page likes, he started the Umbrella Watch Group in Toronto with the hopes of funding his dream. Chadi’s company had developed the X-Frame mechanical watch – a cool new watch that looked sharp and edgy. Despite having a solid product, it was not an instant success on Kickstarter – raising only $36K toward the goal of $60K. We see this happen quite frequently on Kickstarter and on IndieGoGo – where a good product often doesn’t take off for one reason or another.

In this case, this was not a fault with the product. The reason Chadi failed on his first crowdfunding attempt was a lack of visibility and marketing strategy. After taking 2 months to build a proper advertising and marketing strategy, Chadi re-launched his campaign and managed to generate $87,373 from 260 backers. So what was the secret? We are going to take a look some of the marketing tips and tricks that the Umbrella Watch Group used to turn their campaign around and successfully reach the campaign funding goal – without changing the product!


A Successful Campaign Kickoff is Crucial

When your campaign kicks off, the first 10 days and the final 3 days will be the most critical to successfully reaching your funding goal. During this period, it is important to consider your social media postings as well as advertisements, especially on Facebook. In the case of the Umbrella Watch Group, they saw 30% of the listing traffic and more than 100 backers come directly from their Facebook ad.

A great trick with Facebook ads are to look at the demographics of who interacts with the ad. For just $5 – $10 you can run an ad and see what happens. This often shows you a surprising source of backers that you never considered in your original marketing strategy!


Increasing and Diversifying Visibility

They also utilized a personalized listing with product images and an easy-to-read description on to further increase momentum and draw in backers right from the start. Listing on sites like Gadget Flow and Wix is extremely helpful to reach quality backers. Another trick that successful campaigns use is creating a giveaway. You can do this on Woobox to get the word out to a significant number of potential backers. Giveaways are a proven & economical way to increase your engagement on all of your social media platforms and to get people excited!


Facebook is Not Enough Anymore

While Facebook is generally the most essential for people to find and connect with your business, listing on Facebook alone is not enough anymore! Instagram and Twitter are both commonly found in any successful campaign. Another marketing strategy that the Umbrella Watch Group used was to create social media accounts on Instagram and Twitter. Increasing and diversifying your visibility across more platforms will further engage and build an audience around your campaign.

Need radically more engagement? We see successful campaigns offer a reward to backers, such as an additional giveaway entry, for sharing and liking your social media posts. Another valuable trick is to use Instagram to post candid images from the campaign journey, including product development and team pictures, which create a sense of personal interest around your story. When they see a personal touch behind a campaign, people are much more likely to follow your campaign closely and to bring you their friends as backers and followers.

By Jordan @ Crowdfunding Headlines

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